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Types of Multipliers in Online Slots

Types of Multipliers in Online Slots

Every online slots player loves to play games with multipliers because they can increase your wins. In fact, your wins will be multiplied by a certain figure. For example, if your total wins are 240 credits and the multiplier is 5x, it means that you will multiply 240×5, which makes your total wins 1200 credits. Now, let’s look at the types of multipliers in online casino slot games.

Base Play Multipliers

These multipliers are not very common. In fact, you can only expect to get them when your game has a feature that involves multipliers. According to, the base play multiplier will multiply your payline value with a certain number.

Free Spins Multipliers

These are the very popular ones as every slot game that has a free spins feature carries them. In addition, they are quite generous, which makes them the most preferred among players. The multipliers vary in sizes from game to game. Some of the free spins multipliers are predefined, while others are random and in some cases, you have the chance to choose your multiplier. This is the reason why the free spins round always gives you better wins than the base game.

Scattered Multipliers

Most onlinecasino games also known as jeux de casino enligne in French, come with scatter symbols. In some games, these scatter symbols may also double up as multipliers. If that’s the case, you will notice that the scatter symbols don’t really need to land on an active line. Instead, the scatters can land anywhere on the screen to trigger a win.

Multiplying Wilds

These are also very popular, after free spins multipliers. These are also very simple andyou will come across them more often. In this case, the wild symbol is the one that doubles up as the multiplier. If you get a winning combination that includes a wild symbol, you will get your win multiplied by a certain number, depending on the game. 2x is the most common multiplier wild.

Rosie Hale

Rosie Hale

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