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The Easiest Games In Casinos

The Easiest Games In Casinos

If you are new to the casino and you are not sure what to play, here are some options for you to win your first time.

Going to a casino for the first time is a bit intimidating, there are machines and tables everywhere, many sounds and we can get lost in a world of possibilities that we may not even know well, so at best australian casino sites we show you the games with which you can start this great experience.


Undoubtedly the so-called “machines” par excellence are the simplest to play, because you only have to choose the amount you want to bet and press a button. It’s that simple, in fact there are some Slots that allow you to autoplay, so you just have to watch the reels run and wait for a great combination.


Despite the fact that this attraction has different variants, it is still one of the easiest to play, because you only have to put your token on the number where you think the ball will land. You can also choose just the color that you think will come out. With the passage of time you will be able to know the other options offered to make this traditional game more interesting. Besides, you can discover some best usa payout casinos.


Some casinos still have the so-called “Scratch-Offs” whether physical or electronic, in which you just have to buy your ticket, scratch the boxes and find out if you have any matches in order to get a prize.


Another of the simplest games, because you only have to pay attention to the numbers that come out of a huge tombola and see if you have them in your card, when you fill it you must shout “Bingo” and collect the win.


As strange as it sounds, there are casinos that still have dart boards. To play, all you need is to have good aim, throw the darts as close as you can to the center of the board and thus score many points that will lead you to victory.

At Strendus we have a huge variety of topics in the Slots section and in our Casino you can find the traditional and most recent versions of these games to spend many hours of fun.


One of the favorite games of people around the world is Blackjack, in fact in the casinos of Las Vegas are the tables over looking the public and therefore have the greatest number of options in all its forms.

There are several different versions of this game, there are some that are made with a single set of cards, others in which you play two hands and can change cards between them, and the traditional American one that is played with 8 sets of cards.

Rosie Hale

Rosie Hale

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