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The Dawn Of A New Era For Casinos & Gambling

The Dawn Of A New Era For Casinos & Gambling

These days, with the online platform and various new technological trends taking the main stage, the casino and gambling industry is going through yet another evolutionary growth spurt.

Crypto & Blockchain Set To Dominate

Although the values of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many others, have been on a veritable roller-coaster ride over the years, their popularity and use is nevertheless on steadily rising.

With unprecedented online security, crypto has become particularly popular amongst online casinos and betting companies. More and more are joining in, and in some cases, whole online casinos have been established that are entirely based on crypto.

Access To Previously Restricted Regions

New internet technologies, such as crypto and VPNs, not only bring ever greater security and anonymity to gamblers, but theyhave also allowed many to access regions that were once restricted. This is causing great turbulence and change in the industry, with governments of countries around the world taking widely differing policies and stances regarding their acceptance and implementation of crypto.

ConsumersGo For F2P

With each evolution and update to the casino and gambling industry, so do the trends and habits of customers inevitably change and evolve. The positive impact of mobile and online gaming on the industry over the years, has caused certain aspects, like F2P (free-to-play) games and products to be on a steady rise. Free games that utilise indirect methods of generating profit, such as in-app purchases, have proven to be highly effective at attracting a far broader range of customers.

More Live Dealers

Live dealers are becoming ever-more common popular at online casinos. Live dealer games incorporate a real person as the dealer, live streamed over the internet. This casino-trained dealer than controls the cards or dice for the player, as an actual dealer would. The player, in turn, makes their choices using the game HUD on their device, or by directly speaking to the dealer.Many find live dealer games,with the human interaction and casinoesque backdrops, far are more authentic and enjoyable than the more traditional digitally-made types.

VR Gaining Popularity

 As the price and availability of VR headsets continues to drop, more and more people are exploring VR-based casinos and games. Many new companies, platforms, and games are focused on VR casino gaming, with massive development underway. Many impressive and highly entertaining VR casinos and games are already available, and soon, more and more will open their virtualcasino doors to the public, offering mind-blowing fun, realism, and immersion.

Land-based Casinos Still In Decline

Sheer convenience coupled with a global pandemic has ushered in a new age and put online blackjack and all other games securely at the top. Land-based casinos are still experiencing a steady decline. They are not without resource though, and many are focusing on their resort sectors, or else adopting various online methods to regain interest.


Organised gambling establishments such as casinos have generally always been on the cutting edge. After all, with such an immense market and competition, they need to constantly find new ways to attract customers and interest, and of course, generate more profit.

Rosie Hale

Rosie Hale

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