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Online Gambling Continues to Emerge in the US

Online Gambling Continues to Emerge in the US

It has been an exciting few years for punters across the US as legislation changes continue to be made to bring changes for both online gambling and online sports betting as new options are emerging month to month, many of the biggest services like here are starting to find growing opportunities online but it hasn’t been entirely smooth sailing as poor roll-outs and delays have led to uncertainty in some states, but how is the overall online gambling space looking for US punters?

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Some states like Colorado and Pennsylvania have had an extraordinary start to the launch – with 2019 being the year both states decided to enact change and amongst the few to push for online mobile casinos as well as online mobile sports betting, numbers posted have been very impressive and have provided somewhat of a blueprint for other states to follow, and both have welcomed international interest too as big European sportsbook have either already opened shop within the states or shown growing interest in doing the same showing how the tax agreements and other factors for the deals have been set-up in a positive way.

Other states like New York have only recently announced the plan to launch into the online sportsbook space in particular but have had to do so in such a way that avoids concerns with tribal casino rights – something that continues to slow the change in progress for other states as tribal casino rights have typically been a consideration in what will or won’t allow a new service to launch. With New York showing that it is possible to move into the space whilst avoiding some of the pitfalls, it may allow for other states once again to take a blueprint approach and perhaps follow if support is granted in legislation.

Other states such as Maryland have fallen into a trap for a slow roll-out however, having legalized sports betting recently, it was promised that online sports betting would shortly follow but delays in  the processing of applications and a lower priority assigned to the launch – this frustration will have certainly been passed on to the players as the promise to have legislation implemented quickly has fell behind and shown much of the slow movement that has been common to see across other states too.

Either way there has been a lot of good news and a lot of movement in a system that had been particularly rigid in the past, and this same legislation looks likely to keep on moving forward as there is a continued and growing interest for online gambling and online sports books to succeed across the US.

Rosie Hale

Rosie Hale

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