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How to play the toughest blackjack hands

How to play the toughest blackjack hands

Anyone who is a regular player of blackjack will know that there is a right and a wrong way to play just about every hand you can draw. This isn’t to say that playing in the correct way will always lead to a win, simply that the percentages turn in your favour with the right decisions. Blackjack is unlike most casino games in that you can affect your chances of winning with the right choice at the right time. With this knowledge, a table that has player-friendly rules, and a list of the best bonuses such as the one that can be found here, you can enhance your casino experience.

Some blackjack hands, with a little bit of experience and the standard blackjack strategy guides, can be almost a slam-dunk when it comes to winning. If you get 20 and the dealer is showing 5, then you’re almost certain to win if you just stand. That’s an easy one to work out, of course. It’s also one that won’t happen often, and it is worth being aware that some deals need more cerebral play. Below, we look at some of the hardest blackjack hands to judge, and recommend the right step to take.

You have 6-5, they’re showing 10

The dealer having 10 puts them in a strong position, where they can go pretty much any way and Blackjack is still a possibility for them. You meanwhile have hard 11, which at least means you can’t bust. Gambling experts say that the right thing to do here is double down, because the odds are actually in your favor. You can get 21 from here by drawing any one of four cards (10, J, Q, K), while they need an Ace to get there. You’re also more likely than the dealer to hit at least a 20. Doubling down means you can’t hit again if you get a lower card, but you’re still in a good position to win, so adding to your bet is a wise choice.

You have 8-8, they have 10

It may seem counterintuitive when you have 16 and the dealer has 10, but the smart thing to do in this situation is split the 8s. The reason for this is that having a 10 means the dealer can still pull several different cards that leave them needing to hit again to have a chance of winning, and can easily go bust when they pull those cards. At the same time, being on 16 leaves you vulnerable to a 7 or anything higher from the dealer. If you split here you are more than likely to win at least one of the resulting hands, and could win both. Statistically, splitting here ends with better results than any other response.

You have 10-2, they have 3

Received wisdom when you have a 12 and they have a weak up-card is that you should stand no matter how week 12 seems, because why risk busting when they have so much that needs to go their way to win? The answer is that there are fewer cards that can bust you here than not; in fact, there are more cards here that can get you into the 17-21 range which is where you’re always advised to stand. From 3, there is a lot that needs to go in their favor to even stand a chance of winning. So while there is that risk of busting, hitting here is the right choice.

Rosie Hale

Rosie Hale

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