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How to be an expert bluffer

How to be an expert bluffer

We give you tips so that you can deceive your poker opponents like a true professional and start winning your games.

The poker is perhaps the most famous card game in the world. Professional games that include national television broadcasts and huge cash prizes have existed for many years, making it a passion for many.

Real players say that you are not an expert if you cannot bluff , that is, try to fool your opponents by pretending that you have one hand when you actually have another. Something that all professionals do with great skill, and that is why here we give you some tips to do it better. Players from Australia can check out the best online casino australia site for exciting tips, bonuses and offers.

Control your face and movements

Bluffing is not an easy thing, it is actually an art; it requires suppressing all emotions and putting the so-called ” poker face ” on. That is, not expressing happiness when having a good game or anger or annoyance when receiving letters different from the ones one expects. All of this helps to make others gamble and you can have bigger winnings.

Have a good image of yourself at the table

In order to mislead others you must be very clear about how you see yourself at the gaming table and with it how others see you. Sometimes it is even very useful to practice your movements in front of the mirror so that you make others think what you want.

Don’t think about profit and loss

Try not to see the chips you have with you as money, then your thoughts will be disturbed. Just try to see them as units for your game and this will make it easier for you to bluff and fool everyone.

Don’t always do the same

Try not to repeat your actions in the same type of hand, if not then you will become predictable and that is the worst thing that can happen to you in poker since the other players will notice and no longer believe in the movements you make.

Watch your rivals

At the poker table there is only one winner and therefore everyone around you is your opponents, so from the moment you arrive at the game observe their movements, decipher them and with that your bets will be safer.

#People to avoid in casinos

It is best to avoid them and that is why at brand new casino sites we tell you the type of people you should stay away from when you are when you go to play.

The drunks

Alcoholic drinks in the casino are free, they constantly offer and serve the drink that people want and at no cost, so there are people who can drink beyond the limit, but with a lot of alcohol in the body, some can become aggressive and make the patient uncomfortable. rest of the visitors to the place.

The passionate out of control

Many people, faced with the excitement of going to a casino for the first time, are not limited in their bets and inadvertently can lose a lot of money, which will obviously annoy them a lot and be an uncomfortable being to be with.

The questions

When arriving at a table, many people become superstitious or do rituals with which they feel comfortable, but there are others who do not understand the rules of the game or these strange customs and they start to ask about everything, taking away our concentration in the game. It is also uncomfortable that you are playing your favorite slot and that you cannot enjoy it because you are answering someone else’s questions.

The cheaters

Cheating in a casino is not only complicated, it can bring many legal problems, as there are always people watching your movements and plays, in addition there are cameras recording at all times and if they catch an acquaintance or friend doing something illegal (such as substituting or marking cards), in an oversight you could end up in jail along with him.

The funny ones

At the tables, many players like to chat or congratulate each other from time to time in some hands, but what nobody likes are the players who try to be funny and even repeat phrases they have seen in movies or those who ask everyone to around him blowing dice when no one really wants to, so if you see any of those characters stay away from him.

Rosie Hale

Rosie Hale

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